Static GBC Module Tester 3.0.0

Is your GBC module standard? The first and easiest things to check are your in-basket and your output. These testers make it easy. Free download!

This model is two parts--one to test your input, and one to test your output. The output tester is a GBC standard 10 x 10 x 10 in-basket that holds 30 balls. Line this in-basket up with your GBC module's output. If it doesn't fit under your output, your output isn't a standard height. If balls are bouncing out of it, you haven't violated the standard, necessarily, but you're not playing nice.

The other part of the model tests your input. Place it over your module's in-basket. If it won't sit nicely in your in-basket, your in-basket is not standard. Now fill your in-basket with 30 balls and place the tester over it again. If it won't sit nicely now, your in-basket doesn't have the requisite 30-ball capacity.

Finally, place both the in-basket and output testing in their respective places on your GBC module. The standard requires the in-basket and output to be directly in line with each other. If your module doesn't do that, it's not standard.

  • Model: BI-SMT-EL

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